About Whitney Kell

“When I’m frustrated or afraid, that’s usually when I know I’m about to have a breakthrough.”

Becoming an Entrepreneur

I began my sales career in real estate, earning my Real Estate License in Illinois when I was 19, and selling homes consistently. But I missed my family, so I moved to San Diego to be closer to them, and took a job in retail at Nordstrom. It was here that I learned both the importance and the skill of providing world-class customer service. Wanting to move into a new, emerging industry, I began selling computer memory and then real estate software. I loved outside sales, but the hours and commuting from Palm Springs to Pacific Beach was brutal. Looking back, when I was laid off after 9/11, it was a blessing (although it certainly didn’t feel like it at the time). The company I was working for was 100% profit focused, not people focused. Once a customer had invested heavily in the product, the company provided no additional training or support. We received phone calls—angry, frustrated, pleading, tearful—but the company ignored them. The company had their money, and that was where the relationship ended – or so it seemed. Although I felt helpless, I was making money.

The Paradigm Shift in the Rain Forest

After 9/11, when I was laid off, I took a sabbatical to Costa Rica. The first thing I noticed was all the smiles. They were everywhere. Men, women, children—they all smiled ear-to-ear, bigger smiles than I had ever seen on my own face or those around me back home. When I looked at the humble homes and meager finances these people had, I couldn’t understand the source of their smiles. Why were they so happy with so little? More importantly, why was I so unhappy when I had so much more, by comparison?

When we came back to the US, I decided to make a change: to make balance – not acquiring more stuff and money – the goal. Once I gained clarity about where I was and where I wanted to be, I grabbed control of my life with both hands. I started reading books and attending seminars, and adopted healthy lifestyle habits.

In 2002, I lost 9 lbs and learned the healthy habits I needed to maintain that weight loss for a lifetime. I went from being unemployed and having little business experience to starting my own business and thriving in the three key areas: my physical health, mental health, and financial health. Now, 17 years later, I am proud to say we have helped THOUSANDS of people achieve health and in the process I found happiness – and my smile.



Partners and Mentors

Greg Rex

Greg Rex

Dr A_Fitz

Robert Fritz and Dr. A

Dr Cheskin

Dr. Larry Cheskin – Founder & Medical Director of John Hopkins Weight Management Center