Mental Health

Happiness means different things to different people. What is a healthy mind? For me it’s a balance between being grateful for where you are, while striving to improve at the same time.  This leads to a life of fulfillment because we’re living according to the values that are most important to us.

A healthy mind is the key to success in all areas, but it takes dedication. I found learning was much easier when I had a coach. Although I’m always eager to help people take their life to the next level, I often find that many people aren’t really willing (or ready) to do the hard work.

Making mental and emotional changes can be challenging; I’ve been there, and I know how much courage, discipline, learning and, in some cases, reprogramming it takes to succeed. That’s the benefit of having a mentor to guide you through the process—someone ho can help you positively impact your thinking as you shift how you communicate.

Communication skills are the key tool that we as humans use to develop healthy relationships, whether with others or ourselves. I personally have spent a lot of time, energy and resources fine-tuning my self-talk, internal dialogue, and interpersonal communication skills over the years, and it has paid more dividends in my life than any other personal development work I’ve done.

Purpose is what makes life worth living. In order to find that purpose, you need to get clear on where you currently are. What’s the current state of your mind? Our thoughts, plus action, create our reality. Are your thoughts as healthy as they can be? How are you investing your time?

My life today is where I couldn’t have imagined 15 years ago. Most days I wake up feeling blessed to have balance in all three key areas (physical, mental, financial), but over the years it has required consistent and intentional action to get there. Now my mission is to help others experience that balance.

One of my top values is learning and growing, which over time has helped me to see challenges as lessons and opportunities. I’ve learned that when things get the most difficult and you’re in the most pain, the breakthrough is waiting for you just on the other side – if you stay persistent and don’t give up.

You have the opportunity to leverage the tools and processes my mentors and I have used to help you create your ideal life.

Let me help you embark on your own path to fulfillment by asking the tough questions and helping you focus your attention on the areas that need to change.  You can live a life that you actively choose, versus one that you are merely surviving through.

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