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Do you enjoy helping people & making a difference?

Join Whitney to experience an electrifying talk on the mission, vision and purpose of our program, as well as hear inspirational testimonials and success stories. You will learn how to use Whitney’s proven systems to help your clients achieve their goals!

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Whitney Kell became an entrepreneur at 18 when she received her Real Estate License in Portland, OR. Life brought her to a town Edwardsville, IL where the broker opened up the white pages and told her call everyone in this book and celebrate the no's it brings you closer to the yeses. She sold 3 homes in 6 months but realized Real Estate was not for her she did some soul searching and decided to move back to the West Coast - California. She worked dozens of jobs Nordstrom in La Jolla, CA for several years while attending community college she learned about building relationships and giving great customer service. Her mom became ill when she was in college so she decided to take a job selling lap top memory for a company in Escondido, California. After developing several large accounts she was recruited by a technology recruiting company and quickly became the #1 sales person in her division. Then she moved into a real estate technology company where she traveled extensively with a large territory. After September 11th she rediscovered an interest in doing a business that had meaning and purpose and her passion to be an entrepreneur. Her partner Greg Rex became her mentor and health coach after he lost 50 lbs on The Take Shape For Life Program in March of 2001. She quickly decided after having her own health experience and coaching a few clients on this program this was what she wanted to do for a living. She worked closely with the parent company and helped them grow from a 5 Mil a year company to a 150 million dollar company and it was named one of the fastest growing 4 years in a row in the US. Whitney has coached thousands to a better life physically, mentally, and financially. She has become a role model for other people who want more in their lives and their families. She gives to children's charities every year and looks forward to doing more to support others in a journey to a better life. A life of meaning and purpose which feeds our souls so we can stay grounded in this fast paced technology based life style.

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