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One of the things I love about my business is its that it is so integrity based.

What is possbile if you never give up?

What is possbile if you never give up?

The first level of entry is that you need to be moving towards optimal health using our system.  I had to look at my health in all areas…my current reality. When I first got involved with being a coach I learned how integral healthy body healthy, mind, and healthy finance truly is. My life was probably a solid 5 on a scale of 1-10.  I had a job and I was earning income but my sense of purpose and meaning was missing.  No one asked me what I wanted and why I wanted it until I became a coach. I was hypo glycemic and suffering from attacks my weight was beginning to affect my hormones and moods because I feel like I was “heavier” then I wanted to be my self confidence was affected. I lost 8lbs in 4 weeks and began to immediately feel better. I noticed a difference in my moods and positive image of myself. Because I began sharing my success and paying it forward to others I quickly became successful on guiding others on the journey to creating what they wanted.

Paul Zane Pilzer said, “the entrepreneur that solves the biggest problem and helps the most people will reap the largest rewards.” I always say it feels so good when you support someone in reaching optimal health, but when you help them connect healthy body, mind and finances, you transform them and the feeling of that is indescribable.  I do not have children but I imagine this feeling that I have when someone I have coached or influenced is recognized from the front of the room as helping others and reaching the goals they set out to accomplish it is magic!

I believe discipline and balance and consistently readjusting and moving with the seasons of life and observing the patterns in our lives is essential to be in the flow. Change is happening now and embracing the process and allowing things to happen, having faith but taking the next indicated step towards realizing your goal is all part of the process necessary in having fun while working towards anything. Make a habit of stretching yourself. Walk through discomfort and discover the magic. The Formula for knowing if a next step is the right one:

  • If you feel both excited and scared THAT IS IT!
  • If you are just excited and not afraid there is no challenge, no stretching and growing. If you are just afraid there is not positive motivation unless there is something you are walking toward.
  • When you are simultaneously turned on and frightened, do it and watch your growth skyrocket.

Thanks Whitney Kell~Inspiring and needed ♥

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Whitney Kell became an entrepreneur at 18 when she received her Real Estate License in Portland, OR. Life brought her to a town Edwardsville, IL where the broker opened up the white pages and told her call everyone in this book and celebrate the no's it brings you closer to the yeses. She sold 3 homes in 6 months but realized Real Estate was not for her she did some soul searching and decided to move back to the West Coast - California. She worked dozens of jobs Nordstrom in La Jolla, CA for several years while attending community college she learned about building relationships and giving great customer service. Her mom became ill when she was in college so she decided to take a job selling lap top memory for a company in Escondido, California. After developing several large accounts she was recruited by a technology recruiting company and quickly became the #1 sales person in her division. Then she moved into a real estate technology company where she traveled extensively with a large territory. After September 11th she rediscovered an interest in doing a business that had meaning and purpose and her passion to be an entrepreneur. Her partner Greg Rex became her mentor and health coach after he lost 50 lbs on The Take Shape For Life Program in March of 2001. She quickly decided after having her own health experience and coaching a few clients on this program this was what she wanted to do for a living. She worked closely with the parent company and helped them grow from a 5 Mil a year company to a 150 million dollar company and it was named one of the fastest growing 4 years in a row in the US. Whitney has coached thousands to a better life physically, mentally, and financially. She has become a role model for other people who want more in their lives and their families. She gives to children's charities every year and looks forward to doing more to support others in a journey to a better life. A life of meaning and purpose which feeds our souls so we can stay grounded in this fast paced technology based life style.

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